Rebecca Holley

Rebecca, living and working in Devon, is a textile artist who enjoys printmaking, and drawing and painting from observation. She designs hooked rugs, wall hangings and cushions and likes to experiment with many forms of printmaking, from lino to screen printing and collography to photography. Her prints may represent part of a theme she is working on or be one off individual pieces.

Drawing and painting plays an important part in all aspects of her work with ideas coming from many sources. Studying from nature, as well as the human form, she uses a broad range of media to produce finished artworks. A project may well develop from a series of drawings or paintings, a rug or print being the outcome of a longer process where she experiments with colour, pattern, texture, scale and proportion.

Rebecca’s vibrant hooked rugs use reclaimed materials from her own designs drawn on to a hessian background which strips of fabric are hooked through. The result is a colourful, textured surface closely resembling the original design. Each one is a unique piece of artwork, which can be hung or used as a floorcovering. Cushions are made individually or to compliment a rug.

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